First Tracks at The Canyons

Take the first runs of the day with a former Olympian.
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Be the first on the hill on Wednesday and Saturday mornings when you sign up for First Tracks. You’ll be guided by a former Winter Olympian and have access to selected portions of the mountain a full hour before anyone else.. When you’re done exploring, breakfast will be waiting for you at Red Pine Lodge. Advance reservations are required.


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Skiing The Canyons

On powder days, the steep new terrain gives experts a little more to chew on— and takes some of the pressure off old favorites. Strategy is key in getting the best—and most—of both.

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Get First Tracks in Nevada

It’s easy to understand why you’d be obsessed with Nevada. The more than 24,000 acres of skiable terrain, 33 feet of annual snowfall and 18 incredible ski resorts at legendary Lake Tahoe would thrill anyone.