Glacier Skiing, Colorado Style

The water condensation on the roof of the tent soon froze and lightly snowed on us all night every time someone in the tent bumped the walls. In the middle of the night I woke to “Forrest, you hear that?” “ Yeah I think so,” I responded, although I wasn’t quite sure I did.  It was Colin, one of the other guys sleeping in the tent with me.  “What do you think it is?" I asked   “A snow leopard!” Colin responded. We had seen big cat tracks all over the mountain for the last few weeks so maybe it wasn’t that far from the truth. Then both of us were sitting upright in our sleeping bags listening to something outside of the tent moving around and attempting to get into our packs; looking for food, I guess. 

Boulder, CO, Aug. 30--With almost two months to go until the official ski season begins, we found a way to satisfy our cravings for a snow-filled adventure on St. Mary's Glacier.

Located minutes outside of Idaho Springs, Colorado, we hiked under a mile to the glacier's top, where we hurriedly put our gear on in hopes of getting in a few runs before the foreboding thunderclouds overtook us. After two runs and enough turns to hold us over for another month or two, we strapped our gear on our backs and hiked back down to the reality of the summer we managed to escape for a few hours.