Goldminer's Saloon

the best après spot at Alta.

The Goldminer’s saloon, in the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge, is the closest thing that Alta has to on-mountain après. Right at the bottom of the Collins and Wildcat lifts, it’s where the Alta employees go to get pizza and nachos.; 801.742.2300


The Alta Lodge

Alta Lodge

The Alta Lodge sits directly across from Alta’s marquee run, Alf’s High Rustler, and it’s within this context that the lodge operates. It’s about the skiing.

Snowpine Lodge

Snowpine Lodge

Alta’s oldest lodge is quiet and secluded and the perfect place for somebody who wants to vanish and ski for a while.

Alta Peruvian Lodge (Alta, UT)

Alta Peruvian

The Peruvian is decidedly lowbrow, but it is this warmth and homeyness that brings families back year after year.