Good Things: High Fives Foundation

The Tahoe-based High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, dedicated to getting athletes back on the slopes after a life-altering injury, just wrapped up a powerful season. Here are some highlights.
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After suffering a T-12 burst fracture on April 29, 2006, it took Roy Tuscany five years to return to the spot in Mammoth that forever changed his life.  Looking back on the five years of the injury, Roy has relearned how to walk, ski, and inspire others through High Fives. Surrounded by the positivity of friends and the power of High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, he returned to the spot exactly five years to the date.

5 year Redemption - Roy Tuscany from HighFivesFoundation on Vimeo.

On his one year anniversary of the injury, Grant Korgan loaded up his snowmobile for a backcountry adventure. Surrounded by friends and High Fives, Grant made pow turns on the same sled that left him paralyzed from the waist down. After 365 days of hard work and positivity, Grant got his redemption. 

KORG 1 Year Redemption Video - High Fives from HighFivesFoundation on Vimeo.

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