A Greener Groomer

EcoGroomer claims its new grooming machines can save 20 million gallons of fuel by 2020. Intrigued? You should be.
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It’s an idea whose time has come. A typical groomer blows through a lot of fuel. With rising gas prices, this is serious dough for the resorts—costs that are passed down to skiers by way of lift ticket, food and lodging price increases.

Meet EcoGroomer. The Colorado company created by Florida-based entrepreneur Dan Osborne is rolling out a more efficient machine, one that reduces the weight of the cab and adds two additional snow-processing units, one on each side of the machine. The result: A triple-wide groomer that operates at half the horsepower. It should be on slopes as soon as next season. Check it out in more detail at Backcountry.

Image courtesy of EcoGroomer.


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