Ski Resort Life

High Rollers


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Sample ski country’s freshest toro and spiciest wasabi at these must-visit mountain-town sushi bars.

Matsuhisa >Aspen, Colo.

Bar Scene

Serious sushi fans vie for seats at legendary chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s sleek bamboo sushi bar, which fronts the restaurant’s busy kitchen.

Must Try

“New-style” sushi (yellowtail jalapeno, toro tartare with caviar) and the Omakase Tasting Menu-a selection of the chef’s favorites, changing daily


303 E. Main St.; 970-544-6628

Mikado >Park City, Utah

Bar Scene

The imposing granite bar is the place to settle in to view the traditional sushi knife-wielding action.

Must Try

Traditional bluefin toro, sake and hamachi sashimi fresh from the San Francisco docks


738 Main St.; 435-655-7100

Nikai >Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Bar Scene

High-energy exploits prevail at the modern wood-and-marble sushi bar, especially on Friday DJ nights.

Must Try

Surf clam, scallops, squid and the Dagwood Roll (shrimp and blue crab with maguro)


225 N. Cache St.; 307-734-6490

The Naked Fish >Heavenly, Calif.

Bar Scene Intimate, 15-seat sushi bar gets you up-close to chefs Tamotsu and Sho, as well as a fanciful mermaid mural.

Must TryThe Aloha Roll (cucumber, asparagus, avocado and papaya topped with tuna and macadamia nuts)

Info 940 Lake Tahoe Blvd., Suite 3; 530-541-3474

Wasabi >Whitefish, Mont.

Bar Scene Mirrors reflect intricate preparations by owner-chef Scott Nagel and his cadre of chefs.

Must TryPeppered albacore, sweet shrimp nigiri sushi and fusion rolls such as The Big Mountain (tuna, avocado, pickled ginger and tobiko)

Info 419 E. Second St.; 406-863-9283