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Don't let skiing's most essential turn go extinct. Long live the hop turn.
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THAT MOMENT Skiing isn’t like flying, it IS flying. In this moment we are in perfect balance, with all the energy intersecting our center of mass in a moment of zero gravity. Just fly man, just fly!

The Return of the Hop Turn

The hop turn has become somewhat of a lost art in the new age of skiing. Blame it on the popularity of aerial maneuvers or the evolution in ski design, but the hop turn has been thrown overboard like Captain Jack Sparrow dumping barrels of rum off the Black Pearl to sail his ship faster. But what’s a pirate ship without rum, and what is skiing without the hop turn? It’s not only stylish and fun, but it is a useful tool in steep or tight terrain. When executed properly you soar through the sky feeling like ski legends Scot Schmidt and Doug Coombs. If executed poorly, be sure to tag @jerryoftheday.

There are a lot of moving parts in a proper hop turn, and it can feel like your body parts are flying in different directions at the same time. Fear not! The turn has a mind of its own, and the most important part is just to go along for the ride and enjoy the flight. One of the most common mistakes when people try a hop turn for the first time is actually using their legs to “hop” from one turn to the next. But jumping is hard, and not a very efficient use of energy. Instead, let the skis work for you, not against you. Think about using your skis as a spring to shoot into the sky like a Katy Perry firework. No two turns are the same, so have fun adding some personal expression and flare. Practice won’t make perfect because there isn’t such a thing as the perfect turn, so don’t be so hard on yourself and keep trying. The hop turn takes a certain level of ski mastery to execute. And when someone says, “you looked a lot like Scot Schmidt!” that’s the best compliment you can get.

Marcus Caston

Marcus Caston

Inspirational Ski Consultant, Salt Lake City

After 10 years of coaching freeride and race camps, Caston has developed a coaching philosophy based on building a solid foundation of fundamentals, yet leaving room for personal expression. Check out partybeachskicamps.com for more. 

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