How to Watch a Ski Race

It's not as easy as you think, and it happens quickly. Discover how to be prepared.

Maybe you're a casual fan who watches ski racing only when the networks beam the Olympics every four years. Or perhaps you're a diehard who pays for premium cable so you can watch the entire World Cup season. Either way, Dee Street has you beat. You may have heard of her daughter, a three-time Olympic medal-winner named Picabo? Well, long before the rest of the world had heard of Picabo Street, Dee had watched the future champ race countless times. Along the way, the ultimate ski mom learned that there's more to attending a ski race than just showing up. It takes planning and, sometimes, a willingness to freeze.

Is standing out there on the hill worth it? "When I went to see Picabo's first race, I thought, 'This'll be cute, watching the little girls,'" Dee says. "I was about five or six gates from the finish, and suddenly Picabo goes by at 60 miles an hour. My heart leapt into my throat. It was like when you see the ocean for the first time. It's more immense than you think it will be." As a concerned mom, Dee was a hair too close to the action for comfort. But for a spectator? Oh yeah, it's worth it.