How To Ski Canyons Resort, Utah

An introductory guide to the resort’s 4,000 acres.
# 16: Canyons Resort, Utah

Visiting a resort with 4,000 skiable acres can be a bit overwhelming. With this much terrain you’ll be torn over which lifts to ride and trails to explore. To give you an idea of The Canyons’ terrain, we’ve put together an introductory guide. It’s impossible to hit all of the runs in only one day but this route will give you a good overview of the resort.

It’s likely you won’t be able to ski all of these runs in one day so we suggest breaking the mountain up. Try skiing the northern side on day one and the southern side on day two. In reality, two days isn’t nearly enough time to ski all of The Canyons but now you’ll have a solid idea of what areas and lifts you want to revisit.

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Canyons Map

Skiing The Canyons

On powder days, the steep new terrain gives experts a little more to chew on— and takes some of the pressure off old favorites. Strategy is key in getting the best—and most—of both.

Hiking in The Canyons

Grander Canyons

As Utah’s Biggest resort comes of age, it’s still hard to characterize. But who cares? Because when it comes to ski terrain, multiple personality disorder isn’t a bad thing.

NASTC Clinic

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