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Icelandic Horse Farm

View Vermont from the saddle.

The 45-acre Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm is located just minutes from downtown Waitsfield. Trail rides and treks provide visitors and locals alike with a unique way to tour the Vermont landscape. Hearty Icelandic horses came to North America with the Vikings around 800 AD, and quickly adapted to life in a harsh, icy climate. They more closely resemble carnival ponies than tough, riding horses, but as you cross mountain streams, meander through densely wooded forests, and trot along classic dirt roads, you’ll see that they are indeed well adapted for a trek. The farm offers everything from one-hour rides to five-day trips that stop nightly at local bed and breakfasts. Whether you’re an expert rider, or have never been on a saddle, Vermont Icelandic has a tour for you. Day tours run every day, year round, weather and trail condition permitting, so take a day off from skiing and go for a ride.

One hour ride-$50
Five-day trek-$1495/$1595 foliage season| 802-496-7141