Inn of the Month: March/April 2006

Hyatt Grand Aspen, Aspen, CO

Does Aspen need another luxury hotel? How about another fractional property? Well, it gets both with the new Hyatt Grand Aspen, which opened in mid-December. Sure, you can pony up $90,000, the entry-level tariff for a 1/20th share—or 17 days of use.

But you can also taste this luxury for a night or two for considerably less. And the location is prime. The Hyatt is at the foot of Aspen Mountain, overlooking the ice-skating rink, and a four-minute walk to the Silver Queen gondola. Outside, the white-balconied, red brick building is New-England-meets-the-Rockies.

Inside are 50 units ranging from one- to four-bedroom suites. The smallest is still a generous 912 square feet, the largest a magnanimous 3,450, each designed in the prevailing vision of the upscale Western ski vernacular—multiple fireplaces, granite kitchen counters, Viking appliances and plasma TVs in the master bathrooms as well as in more logical places, such as the living room. Not to mention comfy leather chairs and deep soaking tubs. Unlike other hotels of its ilk, every unit has a kitchen. But considering the town's culinary offerings, uncorking a magnum of Veuve Cliquot might be the extent of its use.

$1,200—$5,000; 727-803-9400;