International Women's Ski and Snowboard Day 2018

Pro athlete or beginner, you’re invited to celebrate a day that’s all about the ladies.

A blur of ponytails, colorful outerwear, and skis zoom across a steep, snow-covered slope. Shouts, whoops, and hollers fade as multiple groups of women crest over the hill and descend toward the chairlift. So many groups of female friends having fun together can only mean one thing: it’s International Women’s Ski and Snowboard Day.

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, K2 and SheJumps are partnering to make this year’s International Women’s Ski and Snowboard Day better than ever. Now in its fifth year, the event is focused on encouraging women of all ages and abilities to go outside and enjoy a day on the slopes together. It’s not about who’s the best skier on the mountain or the latest and greatest gear; it’s just about getting outside with the girls at your local ski area—from the bunny hill to the steep and deep.

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Kim Reichhelm, the K2 Alliance International Team Leader, has skied with the U.S. Ski Team and Women’s Pro Tour.Photo courtesy of

For 2018, the K2 Alliance has partnered with SheJumps, creating a combination of two pro-women powerhouse organizations. The K2 Alliance has been a leading force for the women’s ski industry by working with female snow professionals in all aspects of their women’s product development. SheJumps focuses on specific programs and events that “foster confidence, leadership, and connection to nature and community,” according to the company’s website.

All across the country, ski areas are hosting events in celebration of women and girls getting out on the slopes. In Colorado, Steamboat Springs has a full weekend of events, including a kickoff party and film festival, yoga classes, and on mountain events such as a group hike and parent-daughter Ski with a Naturalist.

Can’t make it up to the slopes or want to start your own event? The K2 Alliance and SheJumps want you to host your own meet up in celebration of International Women’s Ski Day. Check out the full schedule of events and learn how to get in on the fun here.