Jackson Hole is the Most Economically Unequal City in America

Forbes confirms the tiny town of Jackson, Wyoming, has the biggest income disparity in the country.
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According to a recent data report done by Economic Policy Institute and released by Forbes Online, Jackson, Wyoming, is the most economically unequal city America. In both Teton Counties (Wyoming and Idaho), the top 1 percent of earners bagged 68.3 percent of the income, and the bottom 90 percent took home just 17.3 percent.


So, basically, there are a few people who have all the money, and everyone else has…not so much. 

These numbers put this ski town way ahead of the next most unequal city in America: the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area in Connecticut (honestly, never heard of it). Surprising news for a tiny city right? Is it really though?

“Any location that attracts the uber wealthy is going to have numbers like that, just because of the way averages work,” said Brenda Hittmeier, a portfolio manager at a bank and also… my mom. “You have to be careful with this kind of data sometimes because if there is an outlier”—in this case, it could be the one dude who lives in Jackson who earns a couple billion a year—“it totally throws the average off.”

So, again, Forbes confirms: Really, really really, rich people live in Jackson Hole. 

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