Kachina Peak

Ski inbounds off the map at Taos Ski Area.

Its appearance could fool you into thinking it’s backcountry terrain, but Kachina Peak is actually inbounds. It does require a hike from the top of Chair 2. The hike to the very top is 45 minutes, but you can drop into any one of five K-Chutes. K-4 faces north, so it tends to hold the most snow. Just don’t be too gung-ho when you drop over the cornice because after about three to four turns, the chutes narrow to widths of about 20 yards. The runout is mellow and open and will put you back at Chair 4.


The Dobson House

Visitors to Taos, N.M., often speak of feeling "at one" with Mother Earth. Stay at the Dobson House and you'll definitely experience that sensation.

Crème Brulee Martini

The Martini Tree

Taos Ski Valley founder Ernie Blake once stashed pitchers of martinis in tree wells on the mountain. Toast this tradition (and celebrate your powder day) at the Martini Tree Bar.