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La Nina: New England


Last year, New England ski resorts took a shot on the chin from La Nina. Warm dry weather cursed the area and made for thin and sparse skiing conditions at most areas.

This season, expect drastic temperature swings to run rampant. But don't fret, New Englanders, this La Nina is different than last year.

The forecast calls for lake effect storms to be abundant as a result of changes in the pacific jet stream. These lake effect storms can either bring gobs of snow to Northern New England (if cool temperatures hang around there long enough) or else, these anticipated storms could fizzle and dive south.

Another positive outlook for New England has the La Nina pattern causing a large number of Noreaster storms in the Atlantic, which could bring more snow to the region depending on the NAO. A positive NAO, like last year, will bring warm temperatures to the east. A negative NAO, similar to 1995-96, will bless the region with cooler temperatures and more snow.

Also, the number and strength of Noreaster storms is dependent on the strength of the La Nina. The weaker the La Nina, the farther south the storm track dives causing more storms around the coast. Last year, La Nina was fairly strong which resulted in few Noreaster storms.

In New York State, the northern, western, and central regions should benefit from anticipated lake effect storms, as they will bring with them cool air from Canada, at least making it ripe for snowmaking. Look for some heavy dumps to come bursting off the lakes.

There is definitely a better outlook than last season in the northeast, but basically, this year's a craps shoot.

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