Last Chance for Ski Pass Deals

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Sarah Schleper is back in racing form for her fourth Olympics.Sarah Schleper knows a thing or two about the Olympics, since the Vancouver Games are her fourth appearance with the U.S. Ski Team. She knows the Opening Ceremonies are a can’t-miss event, but she also knows there is no eye in the Olympic storm.That explains why she left Canada after the Opening Ceremonies, and is now speaking with me over Skype from her hotel room in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she’s training with the U.S. tech team until returning to Vancouver on February 19. I can hear her two-year-old son, Lasse, playing in the background as she talks about how her life has changed since 2006.

Boulder, CO, Oct. 26, 2000--With winter right around the corner, time is quickly running out to purchase a discounted season pass. Many pass deals have expired but a few have held out for the bitter end. Check our lists of ski areas in the upper-right "related" corner that still offer discount passes. Hurry though before these pass deals are blown away by the rapidly approaching winter.