Lindsey Vonn Forgot to Pay $1.7 Million in Taxes

Upon learning of her delinquency with the IRS, the Olympic and four-time overall World Cup champ cut a check for the full amount and chalked it up to a life lesson.
Lindsey Vonn celebrates her World Cup victories in 2010

April is a busy time for Lindsey Vonn, what with all the trophy polishing she has to cram into her short off-season schedule. So it's hardly surprising that back in 2010—arguably the biggest and busiest of her career so far, when she won two Olympic medals, three World Cup titles and an ESPY for Best Female Athlete of the Year—she let a little thing like her federal taxes slip between the cracks.

According to public records released today, Vonn and her estranged husband Thomas were slapped with an IRS lien of $1.7 million for unpaid taxes in 2010. In a message on Facebook, Vonn expressed her disappointment in both the situation and, presumably, her ex, whom she implied was responsible for the accounting error.

"This is an important lesson for me," Vonn posted. "Not being in control of my finances and relying on someone else who you believed had your best interest at heart was a mistake and one I will not make twice."

According to her spokesman, Lindsey took immediate and deliberate steps to resolve the matter and has repaid the full amount in question. 

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