The answer to achieving your dream life is gold.

Aspen. Jackson Hole. Whistler. The names alone can send us into daydreams of thigh-deep pow, cabin living, and new powder skis. Dreaming and scheming is the fun part, but we’re asking the tough question: are you living the life you’ve planned to live?

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy. Big-ticket dreams require discipline and smart, long-term investments—and knowing where to start can be half the challenge. All the while, we also need new snow tires, new gear and want to enjoy life’s simple pleasures like a post-ski brew and a burger at the lodge.

SKI recently had the opportunity to chat with Glint co-founders Jason Cozens and Ben Davies about the advantages of gold for secure long-term savings, hassle-free international travel, and inflation-resistant daily spending.

What’s Glint? A new debit card and app that enables any regular Joe or Jane to protect their wealth by purchasing physical gold. With the Glint card and app, you can instantly own gold bullion that is stored in Brinks vaults, insured by Lloyds of London, and available for withdrawal at any shop or ATM that accepts Mastercard®—without the usual bank fees or an expensive investment advisor.

Get Your Gold
To start saving and spending with America’s original currency, download the app and complete the simple registration process.