Aspen Snowmass's Lost Forest Revamp

Snap out of that summertime funk! Aspen Snowmass’s new Lost Forest features are designed to hold you over until the flakes start falling.

Ready to get lost? Snowmass's Lost Forest has just the answer for you. It's a summer adventure haven spread across the resort's sprawling terrain. After all, it’s pretty hard to miss winter when you’re trout fishing in sparkling ponds, hiking miles of scenic trails, or playing 18 holes of disc golf from the summit down to the base. At least that's what Snowmass is hoping.


If those aren’t enough to quench your summer thirst, Snowmass recently announced a lengthy list of enhancements and additions this summer. For all you winter thrillseekers mourning in the off-season, test your limits on the Breathtaker Coaster, a five- to seven-minute ride where the speed is completely up to you. The Breathtaker will be open in both summer and winter, and is fully lit for nighttime operations if night skiing isn’t your jam.

For an adrenaline rush higher off the ground, take a Canopy Run Zipline Tour to soar through the trees. From shuttle to finish the guide-led experience will take up to three hours, flying down eight stomach-dropping zip lines and crossing two dizzying sky bridges.

Also high in the canopy will be the new Treeline Trail Challenge Course located above the Meadows Carpet lift. This adventure ropes course will have five separate paths of varied difficulty to test your balance, coordination, and strength, and will take 30-90 minutes to complete.

For those looking to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, explore 2.4 miles of added hiking trails, and 15.1 miles of new bike trails. Whether you just took off the training wheels or you're a world-class shredder, the new terrain will be a mix of difficulties geared towards anyone who’s willing to give it a shot.


To everyone who is currently lamenting the lack of snow, we’re with you. But distraction from grief is key, and Aspen Snowmass’s new Lost Forest should provide ample thrills, adventure, and a great way to get your mountain fix, even without our favorite form of frozen precipitation.