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Skiing Sunday River

Winter's coming with snow on its way, it's time to rename Sunday fun-day
Sunday River trail map

Ok, so you’ve made it to Sunday River, Maine, congratulations.  With eight peaks and 668 acres to cover, the first and maybe most helpful piece of general advice is to follow the sun. Let that UVA do some of the work for you as you move across the resort from east to west, allowing the slopes to warm up as you progress through the day.
    For an easy cruiser that’s fun on a bluebird day, head over to Jordan Bowl—which is more trail than actual bowl skiing. Here you have some options: for a super long run with a nice, rolling pitch check out Lollapalooza. If you want to dive into something extra, there is a very accessible beginner glade off the skier’s right of Lollapalooza. If you’d like to ski more advanced terrain in the Jordan Bowl, Excalibur will not disappoint.
    If avoiding crowds is a must, the terrain between Oz and Aurora Peak is more challenging—and consistently weeds out the masses. The glades and unmanaged treeskiing between these peaks tend to hold snow well, so you can find fresh tracks for a little bit longer.
    On a powder day, it’s no question that Sunday River’s Eureka tree run will have you smiling ear to ear with its decently spread trees and lack of inhabitants.
    Though, if you’ve made it to Sunday River there are two words you must remember: White Heat. White Heat under the White Cap lift is the steepest and widest run on the entire mountain; in the spring the bumps are unreal, and on a powder day it might be the most fun you’ll have that weekend. Agony, under the Barker lift, is another solid bump run to get you into a rhythm. But remember, both runs are liftlines, so bring you’re A game.
    At the end of the day, before your legs give out, take in the scenery from the top of the Jordan Bowl. When it’s clear, you can see Mt. Washington. From the top of North Peak you can see a panorama of the entire resort and Mahoosuc Range.

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