If the word vegetarian makes you shudder, and you can’t go a day without a hamburger, then you’ve clearly never been to MINT.

Last September, Iliyan Deskov and his wife Savitri Bhagavati moved from Los Angeles county to Vermont in pursuit of an intimate, more sustainable setting. They found a real sense of community in Waitsfield. In a time when non-traditional dining is cornering the restaurant market, MINT Restaurant and Tea Lounge is ahead of the curve. MINT doesn’t advertise as a vegetarian spot, they prepare savory dishes from around the world that simply taste good, and happen to be meat-free. Their hope is that non-vegetarians will be surprised by how much they enjoy their meal. Just as co-owner Deskov realized he was a de facto vegetarian after spending time at Los Angeles vegetarian hot spots so long ago. MINT’s ever-evolving small menu approach allows for seasonal specials, adaptable dishes, and favorite staples. While they have no designated kid’s menu, their $7 rice bowl, falafel and seasonal vegetables with tofu have proven to be favorites for customers of all ages. Drop by while you’re in town for a bite, or warm up with a warm cup of loose-leaf tea.; 802-496-5514


west hill house

West Hill House

Local wines, a mountain-themed room, and a three-course breakfast, if those three things aren’t enough to make you feel warm inside, the crackling fire will be.