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Winter Defined

1. Superlative [adjective] Among the best skiing in the world, which has confoundingly remained undiscovered by the masses. Powdery bowls, long groomers and more double-black-diamonds than a bag full of Crown Jewels, Big Sky Resort has it all.  

2. Family [noun] A group of people bonded by love and, of course, skiing. Highly likely to be found on the slopes of Blacktail Mountain Ski Area. 

3. Soul [noun] An immaterial quality that makes a place special; a unique vibe or feeling that resonates in your heart. Often comes with duct-tape patches and face shots at Montana Snowbowl.

4. Explore [verb] The act of finding something you didn't know existed - a phenomenon that happens often in Montana, as you duck into the trees and find an untouched, sparkling powder stash begging to be skied at Red Lodge Mountain.

5. Solitude [noun] Located at a great distance from everything that causes stress or annoyance. Wild, beautiful and unspoiled, Great Divide is where happiness happens. 

6. Thrill [noun] The feeling of standing above a steep chute without a single track inscribed in its glittering coat of fresh powder at Discovery Ski Area. 

7. Treasure [noun] A gem that is both rare and affordable, unique and precious. Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area is a special place that brings bottomless enjoyment to the people lucky enough to unearth it.

8. Singular [noun] The extremely rare resort (Whitefish Mountain Resort) that integrates top-of-the-line infrastructure and stellar customer service while retaining its laid-back vibe and old-school traditions.

9. History [noun] A long-standing tradition or institution around which a community is built. The indelible feeling of nostalgia and belonging you get when you visit one of the oldest and continually operating ski areas in Montana, Showdown Montana. 

10. Authentic [adjective] Of undisputed origin; pure. At Bridger Bowl Ski Area, the mustaches are unironic, bartenders are not "mixologists," and a handshake is as legally binding of an agreement as you'll ever need. 

11. Unspoiled [adjective] Untrammeled, untracked; pristine. A place whose natural beauty brings pure joy - and the burning desire to visit Lost Trail Powder Mountain again and again. 

12. Identity [noun] The tangible and intangible aspects that make a place unique. Best experienced when you have no cellphone service like at Maverick Mountain. 

13. Undiscovered [adjective] A way to describe a place so under the radar, there are fewer than six people per square mile. Incredibly unusual and unique in these digital times. Welcome to Bear Paw Ski Bowl.

14. Hometown [noun] The place where you feel like you truly belong. The overwhelming vibe that community-owned Turner Mountain emanates.

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America's Alp

Montana's adventure playground comes of age, and the next decade only promises to transform Big Sky into a bigger, radder, gnarlier version of its already badass self. We can't wait.

This old signpost stands at the top of the North and South bowls.

Backcountry Skiing in Montana

Montana offers backcountry skiing for everyone: from snowmobiling to skinning, there’s a world to explore. As always, don’t forget your beacon, shovel, and probe, and the know-how to use them.