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Montana Defines Winter

Get inspired to plan your trip to one of these 14 Montana ski areas.


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Winter Defined

1. Superlative [adjective] Among the best skiing in the world, which has confoundingly remained undiscovered by the masses. Powdery bowls, long groomers and more double-black-diamonds than a bag full of Crown Jewels, Big Sky Resort has it all.

2. Family [noun] A group of people bonded by love and, of course, skiing. Highly likely to be found on the slopes of Blacktail Mountain Ski Area. 

3. Soul [noun] An immaterial quality that makes a place special; a unique vibe or feeling that resonates in your heart. Often comes with duct-tape patches and face shots at Montana Snowbowl.

4. Explore [verb] The act of finding something you didn’t know existed – a phenomenon that happens often in Montana, as you duck into the trees and find an untouched, sparkling powder stash begging to be skied at Red Lodge Mountain.

5. Solitude [noun] Located at a great distance from everything that causes stress or annoyance. Wild, beautiful and unspoiled, Great Divide is where happiness happens.

6. Thrill [noun] The feeling of standing above a steep chute without a single track inscribed in its glittering coat of fresh powder at Discovery Ski Area. 

7. Treasure [noun] A gem that is both rare and affordable, unique and precious. Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area is a special place that brings bottomless enjoyment to the people lucky enough to unearth it.

8. Singular [noun] The extremely rare resort (Whitefish Mountain Resort) that integrates top-of-the-line infrastructure and stellar customer service while retaining its laid-back vibe and old-school traditions.

9. History [noun] A long-standing tradition or institution around which a community is built. The indelible feeling of nostalgia and belonging you get when you visit one of the oldest and continually operating ski areas in Montana, Showdown Montana.

10. Authentic [adjective] Of undisputed origin; pure. At Bridger Bowl Ski Area, the mustaches are unironic, bartenders are not “mixologists,” and a handshake is as legally binding of an agreement as you’ll ever need.

11. Unspoiled [adjective] Untrammeled, untracked; pristine. A place whose natural beauty brings pure joy – and the burning desire to visit Lost Trail Powder Mountain again and again.

12. Identity [noun] The tangible and intangible aspects that make a place unique. Best experienced when you have no cellphone service like at Maverick Mountain. 

13. Undiscovered [adjective] A way to describe a place so under the radar, there are fewer than six people per square mile. Incredibly unusual and unique in these digital times. Welcome to Bear Paw Ski Bowl.

14. Hometown [noun] The place where you feel like you truly belong. The overwhelming vibe that community-owned Turner Mountain emanates.

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