More Fun with Ted and the FIS

In which the three-time World Cup GS champ finds out he’s actually faster on the skis he’s been complaining about.
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Ted Ligety

Ted Ligety continues to lead the conversation about—and bitter revolt against—the FIS’s mandate that, for safety reasons, the minimum allowable sidecut radius for GS skis will be 35 meters next year.

Ligety reports on his website that he’s had a chance in the past week to test Head’s second generation of 35-meter GS ski. The result is shocking—and as surprising to him as it is to us.

In his words: “I am faster! Significantly faster! HA! Ironic!?”

Ironic, to say the least. The sudden increase from 27 to 35 meters has incensed most in the racing community. Most observers agreed that there’d be some ugly skiing on the World Cup as GS athletes turned the clock back to the days of straight skis. Now this? It’s just hard to know what to make of it until more results are in.

Ligety also offers a barb to the Austrian ski manufacturer rumored to have pushed hard for the rule change.

“…Even more ironic is the word on the hill [that] the company behind the rule changes, Atomic, is struggling to make the new skis work.”

It’s feisty stuff.

Warning, once you’re at Ligety’s site, you’ll be compelled to watch his “January Training” video, one post down, wherein we get to see how the world’s best GS skier attacks a powder day at Adelboden, Switzerland (where, Ted notes, “They don’t like it when you ski in the trees.”) His powder technique is impressive, but then, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a race-bred Utah local.

We don’t recognize the ski he’s on, probably some Europe-only topsheet. Can’t someone at Head get him on this year’s Inferno? And while we’re at it, let’s take up a collection and get the poor guy some powder baskets.