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MHD Studio

In January, MTV unveiled yet another state-of-the-art, glass-walled, hipster-stuffed broadcast studio - this time at Vail's Eagle's Nest Lodge, elevation 10,350 feet. Tune in to MHD, the company's HDTV channel, to watch action-sports events, music videos from MTV, VH1, and CMT, live concerts from nearby resorts, and interviews by guest hosts such as Olympian Jeremy Bloom - or some over-gelled VJ gasping for air.


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Silverton, Less Is More

High-Country Heroes

A skier's life is pretty charmed. Bluebird powder days, weekend trips with friends. But the people profiled in the pages ahead are making tracks of a different sort: They are giving back more than they take. From freeskiers fighting global warming to heli guides building homes for AIDS orphans, ski town locals are making the world a better place.