NASA: 2012 Was a Bad Snow Year

Yes, shocking, we know. A report and comparative maps from this season and last confirm the obvious.
NASA Snow Map

It’s official: This winter was a bad snow year. Not that we really needed NASA to tell us this, but alas, a report comparing last year’s plentiful powder with this winter’s sad snowfall amounts blames the mild winter on a La Niña pattern that pushed the precipitation northward. That was compounded by something called an Arctic Oscillation, a strong one in this case, that kept all that cold air circling the North Pole rather than drifting down to more southerly latitudes. Read about the science behind it and see the comparative maps here. Lesson? La Niña doesn’t always result in a stellar snow year for everyone, and if you didn’t make it up to B.C. or Alaska this season, you missed out. Then again, there’s still time.

Map courtesy of NASA.



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