New Snow Forecasting Website

A new website for obsessive weather dorks. Yeah, that'd be us.
freshy map

This winter of our discontent has left us scouring snow report websites and NOAA forecasts to figure out where we might be able to find even a few soft turns. Things are getting desperate around here, people.

Luckily, there’s a new website that might give us all a little more clarity.

Freshy Map visualizes where it’s snowing, and how much, but it adds a quality factor, too.  The “Freshy factor,” which they say takes into account “reported new snow, the day of the week, time of day, snowfall data from nearby weather stations, and social networks,” is a look at how likely it is that the 18 inches Breck reported will still be untracked when you get there in the morning.

Because their formula takes into account WHEN the snow falls—for instance, after the lifts close on a weekday instead of mid-day Saturday—you get a more accurate look at what the snow conditions are going to be like.

The site is still in beta, and it currently is heavily focused on the Intermountain West, but if you’re sitting in Salt Lake City trying to decided to ski Solitude or Snowbird it could help you make the call.