On Exhibit: The Images of Myriam Lang-Willar

On Exhibit #1

Myriam Lang-Willar has always been a highly sought-after ski model. But lucky for us, she would much rather take pictures than be in them. Myriam's been capturing big mountains, monster hucks, and sweeping turns since she moved to Verbier, Switzerland, at age 18. Click on the slideshow below to check out a tribute to one of


's top shooters.

What Myriam has to say about photography and filming:

"My dad gave me a camera when we lived in Paris, and I took black-and-white photos of city life and horse racing. It was just a hobby. When I moved to Verbier, a filmmaker friend of mine wanted me to ski for him — but I hate being in front of the camera. I took pictures for him instead.

I started filming a few years ago — it's quite different than photography. Sometimes I like one, and sometimes I like the other. In film, it's all about the action, getting from point A to point B — but in photography, you have to think about one split second, one single frame that totally captures the moment.