Park Skiing at Breckenridge

Mind blowing features for the tall-t set.
Park Skiing at Breckenridge

On the online forum—the most popular chat and trash-talk site for tall-T’d park rats—here’s what one user had to say about Breckenridge’s park: “Breckenridge will blow your mind away. Think of an orgasm. Multiply it by another orgasm to the fourth power, and then you might be close to knowing how good it is.” It wasn’t just the puberty talking. The four parks and two pipes spread out over 25 acres pretty much make it the Megan Fox of manufactured terrain. It’s not uncommon to see pro skiers like Colby West and Tanner Rainville at the Freeway Park. With three 45-foot tabletops and a 420-foot-long, 18-foot-high superpipe, no wonder it’s been among the world’s best parks for the past decade.

When You Go…
You don’t have to hit Freeway’s monstrous 70-foot tabletop. You can hit any of the remaining 75-plus features throughout the mountain’s three other parks to match your comfort level.

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