A charming German chalet in Vail with a serious dinner menu.
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Pepi's Vail

It’s deceiving at first. Initially, you walk into a retro looking bar where well-to-do middle-aged folks are always a little too drunk and a little too loud. But walk past the local celebrity who always plays live guitar, past the coat check, and through the swinging door into the warm and inviting dining room. There, the place shifts from a past-its-prime bar to a charming German chalet that could be perched somewhere in the Alps. The attentive waitresses are even wearing traditional German dirndls, which are more amusing than cute. Even though the staff’s attire is funny, the menu is no laughing matter. With some entrees reaching up into the forty-dollar range, you need a fat wallet to get out of there alive. The numerous sightings of Muggs (aka man Uggs) can be a little unsettling, but with your sugar daddy (or mommy) in tow, feel free to linger over a few strategically paired bottles of wine for hours. The orange-glazed duck is always perfectly cooked and goes incredibly well with the traditional red cabbage it is served with. For a serious taste of Germany make sure someone in your party orders the classic weinerschnitzle and don’t leave without tasting the apple strudel. Pepi’s is worth the money and will make you feel rich even if you know that your bank account is lacking in funds compared to the jeweled woman sitting at the next table.