Photo Tips From a Pro Ski Photographer

Adam Barker will teach you how to take better photos in this 8-week online course: Outdoor Photo School.
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Utah-based photographer Adam Barker created an 8-week online course that will take your photo skills to a new level.

Barker, who got into photography by shooting amazing landscapes, has travelled around the world to not only shoot commercial work, but also to ski and shoot pro athletes for magazines like SKI and Skiing.

Here are 5 tips for shooting better ski photos:

  1. Get comfortable with your camera's autofocus, and use it.

    Don't forget to overexpose 1 to 1.5 stops. Otherwise white snow will appear grey.

    Shoot fast shutter speeds to freeze action (1/1000 sec. or faster).

  2. As with most photography, shoot early and late for the best light.
  3. Anticipate where the peak action will occur. Then select your lens and frame your shot accordingly.

Stop letting your mediocre photos die on your computer, and start capturing photos you can be proud of. Enroll in Outdoor Photo School now.

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Take Photos Like a Pro

Photographer Adam Barker dishes on everything from lighting and composition to landscape and action photography in this online photo class.