Pisco Sour

A recipe for the Chilean-renowned Pisco Sour.


Ah, the Pisco Sour. In Chile, they are easy to find, easier to drink, and easiest to regret the next day. To make your own, use Chilean Pisco, a brandy distilled from grapes. Mistral and Alto del Carmen are best for mixing.

Pisco Sour
An elegant Pisco Sour from the The Aubrey Hotel in Santiago.Photo credit to Keri Bascetta


  • 2 parts Chilean Pisco
  • 1 part fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • Egg white (or a pinch of powdered egg whites)
  • Dash simple syrup

Shake all ingredients without ice first, then shake with ice to get a solid foam. Serve in a champagne flute without ice, garnish with lemon or lime wheel.

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