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Plug In, Play Hard

Staying connected - to your tunes, the news, or your office - on your next ski trip just got easier. These gadgets keep you wired, even as you unwind.
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Deer Valley Content Hub Off Hill Activities

At Play Off the Slopes

From old-fashioned horse-pulled sleigh rides to Ski-Doo–powered snowmobile trips over virgin powder, there’s more to do at Deer Valley than ski. If it happens on the snow, it happens here.

SKI Magazine Gear Makeover

In for Alignment

The best skiers are already perfectly aligned—skeletons that stack up in perfect balance over a carving edge. The rest of us—the bow-legged, the knock-kneed—muddle through with skis that feel either too edgy or not edgy enough. The solution: Take your body in for an alignment. We did just that with two guinea pigs, to see if even longtime skiers can still improve their game with a simple equipment fix. And yes, they can.