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Powder Days in New Zealand

One of the deepest storms in decades just slammed New Zealand's South Island, shutting down airports and roads for many travelers. The skiing, though, was unreal. Here's some deep winter goodness for your hot summer day.
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Happy Minority

New Zealand Time

You can’t turn back the clock to skiing’s golden age in the States. But you can travel this summer to New Zealand, where the skiing remains pure, the vistas pristine and the Kiwi culture impossibly friendly.

Day three became dawn patrol to Hickory Bay on the Banks Peninsula and an afternoon ski off of Mt. Olympus, a closed ski resort that opened for the sake of the adventure. Somewhere in between, Kuzma, Dunbar, Kebbell, and Herbert catch a window for a quick photo-op.

Surf to Summit New Zealand

It took five days, 21 hours of sleep, and a few weather-caused detours for four of New Zealand’s ski and surf personalities to set the benchmark for an epic trip for the world’s powder and barrel lovers. From September 14-18, Kiwis Maria Kuzma, Angus Kebbell, Alex Herbert, and Tom Dunbar skied a different peak and surfed a different break each day while traversing New Zealand from north to south in a pair of camper vans. Here are a few pictures and a recap of the ski/surf/road trip that will have you wondering, “why didn’t I think of that?” By Kevin Luby