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Powder Mountain Ski Resort

Only 55 miles from Salt Lake City and 19 from Ogden.
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Since it's only 55 miles from Salt Lake City and 19 from Ogden you might expect Powder Mountain to be crowded. After all, it boasts 2800 lift-served acres, 700 acres of cat skiing on Lightning Ridge, a shuttle-served section known simply as Powder Country, and some hike-to terrain in Cobabe Canyon. All told there are about 5500 acres to explore. But Powder Mountain's expanse and its 40-plus feet of all natural snow (no snowmaking here) play to a small crowd.

Most will find the 2800 acres and 2090 vertical feet served by lifts to be more than enough. Add in the cat skiing vertical and it's 2522 feet from the top of James Peak to the bottom of the Paradise Quad.