Powder in Portillo

Almost 7 feet and counting
Portillo Powder

Pack your bags and head to Portillo, Chile.  Almost 7 feet of fresh powder have fallen on their slopes in the past 7 days and the forecast is predicting more to come.  There’s space available in Hotel Portillo over the next 2 weeks.  If you can make the trip it’s the place to be.  

Currently the hotel is housing Chris Davenport, Chris Anthony, Wendy Fisher, Mike Douglas, Ingrid Backstrom (Happy Birthday, Ingrid), Benny Reich and the Austrian team.  SKI Magazine’s instruction directors Mike Rogan and Chris Fellows are also there along with former SKI editor John Fry.  Wayne Wong is due to check in shortly.  

Davenport and team along with Henry and Miguel Purcell will also be bolting a plaque in honor of Shane McConkey to the rocks today.


Ingrid Backstrom on lower El Estadio in Portillo, Chile

Portillo Unchanged

Welcome to Portillo, Chile, where gringos trade flip-flops for ski boots, racers and freeriders mingle, and pisco flows like carménère. The vibe is unabashedly old-school, and Portillo’s diehards wouldn’t have it any other way.