Powderhorn sits on the western edge of the mighty Grand Mesa, not much more than an hour from the Utah border. With a summit elevation of 9850 feet it's not lofty by Colorado measure, but the semi-arid climate ensures dry powder, some 250" of it a year. The resort's 1650 vertical feet and 600 total acres are an intermediate's dream: 50% of the terrain is blue. Another 20% is green, which helps cement Powderhorn's reputation as a great place to learn.


2002 Olympic Downhill Courses at Snowbasin

Olympic Downhill Courses at Snowbasin

Skiing two miles downhill without taking a break is hard enough. Try doing it at 80 mph on a sheet of ice. That's what it feels like to be an Olympic racer, and you can still ski the 2002 Olympic Downhill Course at Snowbasin if you're willing to give it a try.

Snowbird, May 4

Snowbird Extends Season to June 20

Snowbird, Utah, originally planned to close for the winter season over Memorial Day weekend. But today they've announced that thanks to above average snowfall this spring—bringing the season total to 588 inches—the mountain will stay open weekends through June 20. Find out more here.