Rabbit Ears Motel

A centrally located, incredibly reasonable hotel in Ski Town, USA.
Rabbit Ears Motel

Don’t be put off by the name, or the seventies-style neon sign. Rabbit Ears Motel is not a dingy, out of the way pit stop, but is instead a centrally located, incredibly reasonable hotel to stay at considering it’s in Ski Town, USA. Named after nearby Rabbit Ear’s Pass, the motel is aimed at the budget-conscious traveler. Even though it’s no fancy resort, the rooms are clean, well-furnished, and conveniently located in town, close to lots or restaurants and shopping that anyone at the front desk can tell you about. If you want to go farther, there is a bus stop at the corner of the parking lot that will take you where you want to go for free. If you want to take a day off from shredding the champagne powder, or even spend a relaxing night away from the room, check out the Strawberry hot springs close by. Buy a pass for eight bucks at the front desk instead of the regular 15. Take in a soak, watch the snow pile up, and feel your toes tingle in anticipation of the next morning.

rabbitearsmotel.com; (970) 879-1150