Rendezvous Bistro

An innovative and comprehensive menu that keeps locals and tourists coming back.
Rendezvous Bistro

The Rendezvous Bistro is one of those unique restaurants that is able to cater to both locals and tourists, families and couples. The restaurant seems to fumble with reservations now and again, but regardless, everyone seems happy and fits right in no matter where they are from. And on top of that, the menu is varied enough that you can find something delicious no matter what your taste. Even though the tables in the main dining room are too close together for comfort, the innovative and comprehensive menu and wine list greatly make up for it. Start off with some martinis at the bar before trying the famous spiced grilled Snake River Farms pork chop for dinner. The meat is grilled perfectly and the chipotle corn, mango-cabbage slaw adds the perfect spiciness and crunch to the plate. The wait staff is knows a ton about everything on the menu and are happy to answer any questions you have. The dessert is nothing special, but after the generous appetizers and main course, you won’t be able to fit it in your stomach anyway., (307) 739-1100