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Saddleback Mountain Announces 10-Year Pass

Fifty lucky people will be able to purchase a 10-year pass to Saddleback Mountain in honor of their 50th anniversary celebration.

For skiers that hit the same slopes more than 15 times a year, a season pass is an undeniable bargain. For those who ski at Saddleback, the resort is offering an even better deal in honor of their 50th anniversary: a 10-year “decade” pass.

The decade pass is valid for the next 10 seasons at Saddleback Mountain, and costs $5,000. That’s a savings of about $1,500 for adults who purchase a season pass each year. The program is an extension of the new pass deals they introduced last year with the Peak Pass. The Peak Pass, which stands for promoting education and activity for kids, is the mountain’s way of honoring students that do well in school and also live an active lifestyle.

Last year, the Peak Passes were $49, and were available to all students in Maine from kindergarten to 12th grade, who made the honor roll. Over 2,400 Maine students took advantage of the pass program. This year, they’re stepping it up even further, offering $59 passes to any student living in New England, K-12, who does the same.

The resort expects the decade pass to be the adult version of that program. “It’s kind of like a badge of honor,” said JoAnne Taylor, the director of hospitality at Saddleback.

Another great thing about the pass is that it’s transferable to another family member during the course of the next 10 years, so if you find yourself unable to ski for some reason, you aren’t down any money. The catch: they’re only selling 50 passes, and they’re going on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re a die-hard Saddleback skier, head up to the mountain and purchase yours while you still can.