Save our Gulf

Non-profits team up to clean up.
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Save our Gulf

Although BP has finally put a lid on the oil leak, the clean up in the Gulf is far from over. Two water-oriented non-profits, the Waterkeeper Alliance  and the Surfrider Foundation have teamed up with clothing company Seshday to raise money for the ongoing clean up.

Each group has designed a “Save our Gulf” t-shirt. 100 percent of the profits from each shirt will go straight to their efforts to clean up the gulf and prevent future environmental damage.

Proceeds from the Surfrider shirt will go to their Not the Answer campaign, which opposes any new offshore drilling. Profits from the Waterkeeper Alliance will go towards seven different organizations that have been impacted by the spill, including the Galveston Baykeeper in Texas, and the Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper in Louisiana, environmental groups that work to keep the waterways clean and healthy.

“A T-shirt is simple, but we believe it will raise funds and awareness to show our fellow watermen and women on the Gulf Coast that we want to do what we can to help them recover their home waters,” said Marcelo Bengoechea, co-founder of Seshday. “It is important to remember that this will be a long term effort and the Gulf Coast needs our support.”

You can order your t-shirt here and here.


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