Savvy Traveler: Ski Town Secrets


Little is more frustrating than finding out about the best place to grab a bagel, get a massage or relax with a Margarita "after" your ski vacation is over. Or even worse-hearing about a B&B that charges half the price of your usual hotel and delivers twice the service.

So rather than rely on central reservations, the local chamber of commerce or just plain old luck, refer to the following list of 35 favorite local haunts. It is the result of quite a bit of prodding and even more cocktails-a combination that in the right proportions can get even the most tight-lipped ski country local to spill at least one golden nugget. These are probably places you didn't know about last season, and they're guaranteed to better your ski vacation this year.

Ski Town Secrets

Ski Town Secrets: The East

Ski Town Secrets: EASTPICK

Ski Town Secrets: The Rockies

Ski Town Secrets: ROCKIESPICK

Ski Town Secrets: The Pacific

Ski Town Secrets: PACIFICPICK