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Boulder, CO, Sept. 1--Finding a bargain on a season ski-pass at a convenient winter resort this year shouldn't be a problem. That is, as long as you act now.

Right now, resorts from New England to California are offering next season's ski passes at bargain prices. Act quick, however, as some of these offers are only available for the next couple of weeks. The $299 Buddy Pass, for example, valid at Arapahoe Basin, Breckenridge, and Keystone, CO, will only be on sale from Sept. 3-12.

What began last summer as an off-season marketing campaign by some Colorado resorts has spread like wildfire in ski country.

Now oodles of winter resorts in North America offer season passes tied in with big discounts and other perks. Most of these passes give you a great discount whether you ski for a "season" or just a few days.

Resorts also benefit by getting a pre-season flux of revenue. Their goal is to then make money off of season pass holders in other areas such as concessions and lodging. No worries, though, many will offer lodging deals as well.

So browse our lists of passes, sign on with your favorite resort, and get ready to enjoy the slopes with friends and family this winter. Put the extra cash into new gear or save it for the apres-ski scene.

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