Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

DISCIPLES OF SUGARLOAF LOVE TO PISS ON SUNDAY RIVER, both figuratively and literally. Case in point: In the urinal at the Sugarloaf Brewpub-before the bar closed in April-patrons took boozy aim at a strategically placed Sunday River sticker. "I never understood why they hate us so much," says Erik Hall, a Sunday River pass holder since '93. "Maybe it's because we've got better conditions and terrain."

Not surprisingly, 'Loafers disagree. Bill Dubay, a Sugarloafer since '65, trumpets the resort's acreage, small-town atmosphere, and thinner crowds. "If you live in Maine, where else you gonna go?" asks Dubay, who has relieved himself-and thus made a statement-many a time in the Brewpub's storied restroom.

Susan DuPlessis, Sunday River's director of communications, thinks Sugarloafers are mostly responsible for keeping the rivalry alive, but she does take pleasure in small victories over the 'Loaf's faithful. "It makes me chuckle when I see a Sugarloaf sticker on a car in our parking lot," she says. But she's careful to throw in a diplomatic ending: "Maine is lucky to have both resorts."