Five Reasons Why You Should go to The Meeting in Aspen

It's hard to believe that something so fun counts as a "conference."
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Every autumn, not long after the high peaks of the Rockies get their first white coat and the leaves light up with DayGlo shades of yellow and orange, outdoor industry influencers and ski movie lovers descend on the town of Aspen for The Meeting. If you're a part of the outdoor industry, want to learn more about the inner workings of gear and ski marketing, or you just want to watch this year's latest ski and snowboard movies all in one place, then you too should check out The Meeting and write it off as work. 

This year, The Meeting in Aspen takes place on October 3-6, 2018. While there, you can:

1. Get to know the most influential people in skiing.

The Meeting Speakers

It's mostly fun, games, and innovation at The Meeting in Aspen.

Sure, the usual suspects like Brody Leven and Lynsey Dyer will likely be there to provide insight on a number of things, but speakers will also include people like Josh Berman, the founder of Level 1 Productions, and Bob Africa, chief marketing officer at Popsockets. These big names not only get up on the main stage to give talks and share ideas, but also hang around for other speakers and the networking events. You might even end up sitting next to Circe Wallace watching a Red Bull movie she produced, because, just like everyone else, she's at The Meeting to learn. 

2. Network outside.

"Tell me more about your Facebook marketing strategy, VP of Marketing at Facebook..."

"Tell me more about your Facebook marketing strategy, VP of Marketing at Facebook..."

It's no secret that Aspen is amazing in the summer, but what many people don't know is that it's even better in the autumn. There are fewer tourists yet all the incredible hiking and biking trails, not to mention restaurants, are open for business. There's only one real agenda at The Meeting, and that's getting attendees outside to have fun and connect with other industry pros. After all, it's a lot easier to get to know someone on a bike at the Sky Mountain Park or doing yoga at the top of Aspen Mountain than in a stuffy conference room.

3. Stay at Aspen hotels at a discount.

The Limelight Aspen is extra cushy in October.

The Limelight Aspen is extra cushy in October.

What's so special about an Aspen hotel? You really just need to see it and experience it to believe it. Let's just say that all the other mountain town hotels aspire to be an Aspen hotel. From the Limelight Aspen to the St. Regis, a number of hotels are opening their doors at more-than-friendly rates for The Meeting, which is a great chance to pamper yourself at better than off-season prices.

4. Watch tons of great ski flicks, all in one place.

Colter Hinchliff at The Meeting in Aspen

Pro skier Colter Hinchliff has something to say before his movie.

The Meeting originally started as a quasi-film festival, showcasing each year's latest and greatest ski and snowboard movies. Now, the event is sort of divided in two: The Conference and The Film Fest. So far, Matchstick Production's ALL IN is slated for Friday evening, and then everyone can load up the gondola for a nighttime ride to see Level 1's Zig Zag at the top of Aspen Mountain. On Saturday, locals of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley are encouraged to submit their own amateur edits and photos at the NEPSA awards (Aspen spelled backwards), which is always a fun party.

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5. Boogie down.

Aspen is the culmination of a ton of great things, especially at night. The Meeting hosts parties movie-afterparties that spice up the off season at The Belly Up Aspen and on the Sundeck. If you've never been on the Sundeck at night to have a dance party under a starry sky, well, now is the time to register for The Meeting in Aspen to make that happen.


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