Dream Job Hires to Dispel Jackson Hole Rumors - Ski Mag Dream Job Hires to Dispel Jackson Hole Rumors

East coasters head to Wyoming for a week of red-carpet treatment beneath the Tetons.
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Jackson Hole Tram

When you can barely see the tram, things are looking good.

When it comes to scenic airports, nothing quite compares to Jackson Hole. As you descend alongside the Grand, Middle, and South Tetons, the cabin fills with oohhs and aahhs. Exiting the plane, first-timers to the valley are immediately treated to one of America’s most scenic mountain ranges.

And while the jagged peaks are equal parts inspiring/daunting, The Rolling Van Creative is looking to dispel some rumors about this first-class ski destination. Rumors such as, ‘there’s no good Italian in Wyoming,’ ‘Jackson Hole is for experts only,’ and ‘there’s nothing to do off the slopes’ are all fair game as these videographers capture the spirit of Wyoming’s premier ski resort. Dream Job winners for Jackson Hole

Aaron McRae and Matthew Chick of The Rolling Van Creative.

From snagging the early tram to hopping on authentic western saddles at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Aaron McRae and Matthew Chick will dive deep into the Jackson Hole community, where they’ll explore the area’s rich history while partaking in some of its favorite pastimes. Cross country skiing in Grand Teton National Park, soaking in natural hot springs, and watching retro ski flicks at the brand new, TGR-owned Continuum Hotel are all part of the plan.


With their video production company, The Rolling Van Creative, these two are looking forward to ditching their mellow mountains on the east coast for the steep and deep slopes of Western Wyoming. And did we mention, Jackson is having its snowiest January on record?

When asked what they hope to capture during this VIP employment opportunity, Aaron MacRae replied, “Since settling down on the east coast last year, we’ve been stuck around smaller ski hills so a trip out west to some of the biggest skiing in America is just what the doctor ordered.”

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Follow along this week on Instagram as the Rolling Van puts in a week’s worth of not so hard labor, skiing and capturing the magic of the Tetons. Oh yeah, and did we mention live music at the Mangy Moose and riding with JHMR athletes? So yeah, there’s that too.

Want to make your own trip to Jackson Hole a reality? Check out’s packages for more info.

Winning Application Video for Dream Job - Jackson Hole

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