When it comes to experiencing the best mountain towns, it's hard to top a place whose population is simultaneously glamorous and true to its roots. After getting to meet some of the Roaring Fork's most vibrant personalities between Snowmass Village and the town of Aspen this January, the Ski.com Dream Job hires, Andrew Muse, Ashley LaMarre, and Kicker the Dog can testify: there's just something special about this larger than life Colorado destination and its people.

Ashley Cloud Nine Aspen Highlands

There's always a reason to celebrate at Aspen Snowmass.

The four mountain experience at Aspen Snowmass offers unparalleled variety to those visiting for the first time. Ashley, a relative newcomer to the sport of skiing, said she couldn't imagine a better place to progress her skills from intermediate to expert. On the other side of the coin, Andrew, a sponsored snowboarder who has made a living in the mountains, found amazing terrain that easily rivals what he typically rides in his home range of the Wasatch.

Off the hill, the hospitable staff at the Viceroy Snowmass and Limelight Aspen made Andrew, Ashley, and most importantly, their dog Kicker feel right at home during their entire stay. So to honor the people and places that made this trio's stay perfect, we asked both hires to tell us what they found most memorable about their week on the Dream Job.

Andrew and Ashley's Most Memorable Dream Job Moments in Aspen Snowmass

Ripping first tracks with Aspen Legend Ted Mahon

For a long time, I've watched Ted Mahon from a distance and it's been amazing to see what he's been able to accomplish in the world of ski mountaineering. Snagging first tracks on Aspen Mountain with him is something I'll never forget. - Andrew Muse

Finding out Aspen is anything BUT experts only

Ashley Dream Job Aspen Snowmass

Ashley at Snowmass.

Before we got here I was worried that everyone in Aspen would be experts and wouldn’t want to wait for me on the mountain. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Everyone at Ski.com and Aspen Snowmass encouraged me and I truly feel like I can see huge improvements in my abilities after just this week. - Ashley

My First Time: Aspen Snowmass

Walking Kicker Dog around downtown Aspen

Normally, Ashley, Kicker and I are all housed in the MUSEROAMER, so it was really nice to stop in a town that was so dog-friendly. I'll definitely remember walking Kicker through Aspen's magical downtown after a long day of skiing and letting him play with other doggos in the park. - Andrew

Earning turns in one of the most picturesque locales in North America

My favorite moment of the entire trip was hiking those last few steps up Highland Bowl and looking out over the mountains. It truly brought tears to my eyes that I get to experience Aspen in the way we have, surrounded by some of the coolest locals. - Ashley

There's just something special about the Aspen community

The sense of community here can’t be beat. At our last dinner at L’Hostaria, we sat next to some older men at the bar who've lived in Aspen since the ’70s. They were so happy to hear about what we did and where we went and it was obvious they were just happy to share their home with us. - Ashley

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