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Upon arriving at Big Sky Resort, something happens. The air is fresher, the skies are bigger, and the slopes are some of the most dramatic in North America. The scenery, the culture, and the people who call this place home combine to inspire a feeling of freedom that is specific to Montana.

From January 13 to 18, 2020, Ben Saheb and Celia Miller were hired for The Dream Job to undertake the “biggest skiing in North America,” which includes some 5,850 acres and 4,350 feet of vertical. Don’t be intimidated; they found plenty of silky smooth groomers as well.

Between ripping big mountain lines and enjoying first-class dining, here are just a few of Ben and Celia's most memorable moments from their week on the Dream Job.

Celia and Ben's Most Memorable Dream Job Moments in Big Sky Resort

Night skiing by headlamp via the 8-person, Ramcharger Chairlift

Headlamp night skiing Big Sky

It's a lot easy to see the stars this high up.

More Night Skiing: The Night of the Turn

Lapping fresh tracks off Challenger and ‘Swifty’

Big Sky powder skiing

When it gets deep in Montana, well, it gets deep.

Being carried by sleigh to dinner at Lone Mountain Ranch

Lone Mountain Ranch Big Sky

Quite the place to arrive for dinner.

Dog sledding around the Moonlight Basin Golf Course

Dog sledding dogs at Big Sky

Ben might have been more stoked than the dogs.

Dog Sledding Big Sky

Getting pulled by sled dogs is a rush.

Getting to know some of the friendliest locals in ski country

Big Sky Steep skiing

And a lot of them are good skiers, too.

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