Focus 2017/2018

Another incredible season of the most stunning photography from the pages of SKI Magazine.
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Every issue of SKI Magazine starts off with a few full-page photo spreads to get the stoke high. These images are the best in the business, featuring great skiers captured by photographers who make a living on the quality of their photos. Focus 2017/2018 was an absolute knock-out, from Cannon Mountain to Narvik and Aspen to Alaska, there was no shortage of absolute phenomenal ski stoke. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do.

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Ian McIntosh at Revelstoke, BC, by Blake Jorgensen.After a warm and foggy day, the clouds settled enough for photographer Blake Jorgensen and skiers Ian McIntosh, Kye Petersen, and Lynsey Dyer to ride to the top of British Columbia’s Revelstoke Mountain. Revelstoke, which sits in the Columbia Valley, is notoriously foggy during winter. But unless it’s storming, ascending a few thousand feet is all it takes to poke through to sunshine. “It was warm and the snow was getting pretty manky, so I set up under the cliff in this cave,” says Jorgensen. “Water and ice were dripping all over me and my gear.”


The Focus section of our magazine is where we showcase some of the best photographs of the year, and the stories behind how they were taken. Here is a collection of those images.