Ski Portillo hosts Wine Week

Taste the top wines of Chile from July 28th- August 3rd.
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Ski Portillo, an all-inclusive resort in Chile, will host the 9th annual Top Wines of Chile Week from July 31st through August 7th. All guests will be able to enjoy the nectar from seven different wineries from across the country. The Andes are the world's largest continental mountain range, and the ski season lasts from June-October, with the best skiing in July and August. The season in the southern hemisphere has been plentiful so far: Ski Portillo, often touted the Vail of South America, received six feet of snow just prior to opening.

The event kicks off with master Chilean sommelier Hector Vergara presenting the wines for the week. He’ll also share a little about the history of wine in Chile. The rest of the week will feature one winery per day, and guests can attend presentations and taste selected wines from the best vineyards in Chile.

Sunday 31st: Matetic – San Antonio Valley 

Saturday 1st: San Esteban – Aconcagua Valley 

Monday 2nd: Anakena – Rapel Valley
Tuesday 3rd: Chocalán – Maipo Valley 

Wednesday 4th: Tabalí – Limarí Valley 

Thursday 5th: Lapostolle – Colchagua Valley
Friday 6th: Casas del Bosque – Casablanca Valley

Ski Portillo also hosts Wine Fest from August 28th- Sept 4th, which is another opportunity for guests to enjoy wine from across the Chile, attend wine knowledge courses, and experience après-ski parties. Once you’ve booked your stay, these events are of no extra cost. More information on both of these events is available at

Valle Nevado, also in Chile, will host a wine week from August 21 to 27. Wine will be available for purchase, and guests can enjoy wine tasting and presentations.  Find out more at


Ingrid Backstrom on lower El Estadio in Portillo, Chile

Portillo Unchanged

Welcome to Portillo, Chile, where gringos trade flip-flops for ski boots, racers and freeriders mingle, and pisco flows like carménère. The vibe is unabashedly old-school, and Portillo’s diehards wouldn’t have it any other way.